August 25, 2020

The Mills Wedding I Northern Colorado Wedding I Industrial Wedding I Kari & Wad

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Kari & Wade

August 14th, 2020

The Mills Wedding I Northern Colorado Wedding I Industrial Wedding


When Kari & Wade booked me for their wedding in 2019 their date was set for a different venue.  Until covid happened which caused them to make a few changes to their day.  From the beginning, they liked their original venue but they didn’t love it.  Until they found, The Mill which was still under construction when they found it.  Kari has an eye for vision and could see it come to life.

It was her dream venue

The industrial feel, the brick walls, yet the elegant table wear. She loved it all.  She manifested this day and her vision truly came to life.  Did I mention that the venue has the most adorable bridal house for you to get ready ALL DAY in! Room for the guys, girls and the cutest backyard perfect for photos.  You truly get the best of both worlds.  It was the best place to have their northern Colorado wedding.

Kari & Wade were actually the first couple, EVER to get marred at The Mill which makes their wedding day so special!

Also, can we talk about first looks for just a moment.  As, if I didn’t love them before I love them a lot more now.  All because of their decision to do a first look it allowed them to be able to full enjoy their wedding day and be fully present with their guests.  This was Kari’s intention.  She wanted to take all portraits before the wedding to be able to fully enjoy her day (with the 60+ guests that traveled from out of state during a pandemic to be with them).

Being that their bridal party was all housed in the bridal house it allowed for a good timeline flow already.  They started with separate, emotional letter readings to each other before they entered their first look.  Wade was shaking waiting to see Kari, then he turned around he about fell to his knees.   Wade was so nervous, just to see Kari but seeing her before the wedding it allowed them to have a very heartfelt moment together and release a little stress they were feeling.  They were able to spend a lot of time on their Bride & Groom portraits in the venue she loved so much, as well and bridal party and family portraits.  So, when they were announced bride and groom they were able to enter with cocktail hour with their guests and be fully preset with them.  Not only does a first look obviously help your timeline, it allows you to enjoy more of your day together and have more time together as husband and wife.  They had the most fluid perfect day and it wouldn’t have been possible without a first look.

Take a look at their perfect day below, and as always thank you to a great vendor team.

Xo, Crytsal

Venue: The Windsor Mill

Photography: Crystal Leffel Photography 

Dress: New York Bride & Groom

Florals: Paul Wood Florist 

Catering: Windsor Mill Tavern

Hair & Makeup:  Sarah Brown & Mariah Dominque