June 21, 2020

Liz & Blair I Mt. Falcon Engagement I Colorado Engagement Photographer

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Liz & Blair

Mt. Falcon Engagement I Colorado Engagement Photographer

You know how sometimes you meet some people and you instantly just click?  Well thats exactly how Liz & Blair were.  I already knew when I showed up to Mt. Falcon and they greeted me with a big ol hug and a glass of wine in hand! Not only do we share a love for wine, but also dogs.  They brought their super cute puppy, Winston and if you’re wondering if you can bring your dog the answer is always yes!

We explored the beauty of Mt. Falcon, which I’ve raved about a million times.  If you’ve been following me or read my blog you probably have noticed how much I love this place.  For its variety and stunning views.

We chit chatted about how she almost skipped on her first date with Blair & I had a similar experience when I met my husband! (oops) but turns out after the first date it was done and they have been attached at the hip ever since (as well as me).   So that just goes to show, if you’re a single lady reading this, keep your options open because you may just be pleasantly surprised.  Here Liz is 2.5 years later with a ring on her finger excited to start this new season with her best friend and future Husband!

Xo, Crystal


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