January 27, 2023


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I am so excited to share my heart and soul behind my business. About 9 moths ago I began the process of working With Grace and Gold for my rebrand. I was first introduced to their work at the 2019 Show It conference in Phoenix, Arizona and have know other photographers that have work with them. I loved their timeless yet unique designs I hadn’t seen elsewhere before.

I spent years always DIY-ing my website, while there are great templates out there that did sustain my business for a long time. However, I had reached a point in the business where I was fully in tune with the work I was creating, the only missing puzzle piece was my website. I would spent tireless hours always making tweets and was never fulled and confident with my website. Well, I may be a professional photographer but I am not a professional website designer. I wanted a website that was equally beautiful and timeless, yet modern and stood out. I wanted to show my love for color and use of light that is seen throughout my work but also had that romantic soft touch. I’m inspired by the colors on a beach sunset, summer whimsical florals to the soft bit of romance and love that is seen thought out my work. From the color choices to the fonts to the overall unique design I finally feel confident in my business as a whole.

In addition to my rebrand I got the chance to work with Lumen Creative Co for the branding images & videos you will see throughout my website. I can’t tell you how important it was to work with an actual branding photographer for this project. Again, while I am a professional wedding and motherhood photographer, a branding photographer can see things in a different way than I can. In addition, Rachel (at Lumen Creative Co) working with me to ensure every detail of my branding images would match the curation that With Grace and Gold created. These images blend seamlessly into my website and I can’t recommended enough investing into branding photos at least once a year. When you land on my website, I want you to feel the heart and soul behind my work and the thought and curation into every photograph I take. You will receive a high touch experience to make you feel loved and cared for, whilst having timeless photographs to relive your legacy.