October 1, 2019

Fall Portraits Outfit Planning

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Fall Portraits Outfit Planning


If you are a Mom out there and  booked fall portraits with a photographer you may be stressing out big about what  to wear?  Finding outfits for a family of 4 or more, coordinating them, what looks good and what doesn’t.

Well… I’m here for ya, girl!

Here are my tips


Before I was a photographer I worried BIG about this, what matches with this and I finding the same shade of red for everyone (Don’t do this).  Don’t WORRY so much.  Don’t worry about being too matchy matchy.  Think coordinate over match.  Pick at least 3 colors and just mix them in between the family.


Don’t mix patterns!  I know flannel is all on trend and yes it is OK, however don’t put the whole family in one.  Pick one person to wear one and the rest in solids.  A lot of the patterns will clash with each other and not be the same pattern and you will end up with super busy photos, it will take away from your love and laughter shared in the images, which is the whole pointe, right?


Don’t be afraid to dress it up a little!  Wear some cute booties, add a scarf, some jewelry, add a little extra eye makeup or a fun lip color.  The little details help add a little something extra.  For the kids; add a cute hair bow for your little girl or a dressier shirt for your little man. These small details blend together to make a great family photo! For your man, stick with khaki, dark denim and a nice shirt (a blazer is a very nice touch if he has one!)


Be comfortable! I mean this in more than one way.  Being that I am located in Colorado and probably may people reading this.  We could have a 75 degree October Day or a 20 degree one, it can go two different ways.  Know that it could be cold, but you can still make cold look cute

(Don’t worry I got you on the cold hands with some tricks up my sleeve to help with that)

Dress appropriately, put some stockings under your girls dress, some trendy boots even a nice jacket can work!  Especially with the littles if they aren’t happy the session may not go very well!

As far as being comfortable also be mindful of what you are personally comfortable in.  If you are self conscious of your arms or waistline be mindful of that when choosing your wardrobe choices.  If you are comfortable and more confident it will show in your images.


Keep the colors light.  Dark colors are ok (and very on trend for fall) but try to mix it in with some lighter colors as well.  If you want to do burgundy or navy, add in some pale pinks, creams and tans.  All dark colors can reflect back on your skin tone and be unflattering.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated and you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on outfits for family photos.  A lot of these items you may already have in your closet!  Don’t overthink it, think coordinate over match and be comfortable!  I can’t wait for all the adorable families I get to capture this fall!

Xo Crystal