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I’m proud to offer education to photographers looking to uplevel their work, client experience and business to earn more money and gain back more time to build sustainable business that they are proud of. From client experience to systems I’ve been through it all and worked though the messy middle to now have full confidence in my business. I’m here to jump start you to success. 


Educational Offerings

Wedding Photographers Blueprint

Get started with everything you need to know about wedding photography. I remember when I was diving in and had so many questions from where to stand at the ceremony to what gear do I need. I have created an in depth guide on everything you need to know to build your wedding photography business and cut down on all of the google searches and you tube videos. This will fast track you to building a fulfilling & sustainable business.

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The Lux Retreat

An experience for photographers looking to recharge, build community and uplevel their portfolio and business to bring it to the next level. We hosted our first retreat in the snowy Rocky Mountain in iconic Breckenridge, Colorado in a luxury home with floor to ceiling windows. It was an experience rich in community, portfolio building and learning the essentials to take your business to the next level.

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One on One Mentoring

Are you at a place in your business where you feel stuck and you can’t seem to get out of your head to elevate to the next place? Mentoring is a great option to talk through your struggles to develop an action plan to segway you to elevate your business. From client experience to systems and so much more. There are some key components that could be missing and an outsider's perspective can do wonders. With one on one mentoring we can pin point your pain points and develop an action plan to sour you into earning more, gaining more time and having full confidence in your work and business.  

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5 Ways to Up-level The Engagement Session Experience

Tired of the same boring locations? Clients bringing a list of Pinterest poses? Jeans and Jerseys? Constantly freezing up and not knowing how to connect? Let's up-level the game & get your clients raving about you! 

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