Wintery Spring Wedding, Lookout Mountain, Golden Colorado: Emily & Jacob


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Those words don’t always go together, do they?  But it Colorado to do and somehow it was magical for Emily & Jacob.  Snow probably was not what they had in mind for their Spring Colorado wedding. However, it just happened and it wasn’t the shut the whole city down snow, nor was it the slushly, brown, ugly snow.  It wasn’t a lot it, but was just the right amount to make magic on their wedding day.  Big flaky, soft snow flakes you dream about on Christmas morning.   Emily and Jacob have waited a long time for this moment and it was better than they could have ever imagined.


After a long almost 2 year engagement, they were more than ready for this moment.  They both have worked so hard and were more than ready to start the next season of their life together.  No kind of weather would have ruined their day.  May 23rd, 2019 is the day they would marry each other and nothing would get in the way.  I say they have worked so hard to enter this season of their life, as in they both graduated the week they got married!  Talk about having a lot on your plate.   As Jacob gradated from the Policy Academy, and will be entering a career in law enforcement and Emily graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree, and finished her last season a college basketball athlete it is the perfect time to close that chapter and enter the next chapter of their life when they start their marriage.


When this story wasn’t good enough, the ceremony about gave me the chills.  Not only was the minister a close family friend; he approached me before the ceremony to introduce himself and tell me how much they mean to him and how special of a young woman Emily is.  (Cue the tissues).  As Emily walked down the aisle in the most stunning white dress, Jacob’s face got a little red.   The ceremony started and the minister said something that was very meaningful

“A marriage is not 50/50.   Sometimes your spouse will not be their 50 and you need to catch up to equal 100.  Maybe they are ill, experienced extreme loss and heartache, maybe they are only 5, you need to be the 95” . 

As that wasn’t enough, Emily shared a special gift with Jacob, his grandfathers ring.  When she pulled it out, he shook his head, “what is this, really”.  It meant so much to him and the most sincere tears starting falling down his face.  In that moment you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet and special.


For a smaller wedding gathering, it was such a party.   You can tell what amazing individuals Emily & Jacob are and how much love and support they have.


Lots of love,

Crystal xo

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