Snowy Colorado Mountain Winter Elopement | Jessica + Joseph


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Snowy Colorado Mountain Winter Elopement | Jessica + Joseph

It’s no surprise that eloping in the Colorado snowy Rocky Mountains will be a beautiful sight.  Jessica & Joseph’s snowy Colorado Mountain Elopement was no exception.  Jessica was a winter godess as the sun and snow was a beautiful combination.  Don’t get me wrong, as they say beauty is pain 😉 But she was all for it, for some jaw dropping portraits.

It’s no shocker that Colorado in the winter is stunning, between the skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling & hiking that’s done through our mountains.  Weddings draw couples here as well.  Jessica & Joseph were not from Colorado originally but mutually bond over things our state offers like hiking, camping and road trips.

They were recently engaged on December 5th, 2020 which is Jessica’s birthday and they got to wedding planning fast!  They knew they wanted something small with the beauty of the Colorado Mountains  With their parents and siblings present, it was still important to them to remember this day as if they had a big wedding.  Jessica had beautiful details such as a custom invitation, shoes, and wore a bomber jacket to keep warm that her father gave her mother when they were first dating.  I always tell my brides to bring details to their day that have significant meaning.  They even opted to take engagement photos to remember this special time; which also doubles as a time to get comfortable around your photographer for your wedding day.

They rented a beautiful Air B and B nestled in our mountains in Fairplay, Colorado full of blankets of snow, snow capped mountains, a forest trees, and a gorgeous dinner for their family prepared by a private chef.  For their honeymoon?  They stayed in this beautiful cabin to enjoy eachother as they embark into their marriage.  Enjoy some of my favs from the day below.


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