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Florida Wedding | Palm Coast Florida Wedding | Dusty Blue Wedding

Amanda & David

This wedding was extra special to me.  Not because it was in Florida, it was because David is my cousin.  Not just any cousin.

The cousin we grew up with, that we spent every holiday together with.   My uncle relocated to Florida about five years ago and along went my cousins with them.  We miss them so much, but we love watching them thrive in their new home.   My uncle married my cousin and his bride, Amanda which meant so much to the family as my uncle officiated our wedding 6 1/2 years ago as well.  In his speech, whilst trying to fight back tears he mentioned that when David is really excited about something, it’s ALL he talks about.  Which is a very true statement. One thing he talks a lot of is cars.  He rented his dream corvette for this wedding night and trust me that’s about all he talked out.  We would be mid conversation at the rehersal, talking through he ceremony logistics and he would say, “Oh don’t forget about the corvette we will drive off in”.  We would laugh and tell him to get back on topic.  But in all honesty, this is how he talked and still does when he met Amanda.  I have watched my cousin go from a twenty something single guy trying to figure things out to a responsible, husband father and family man.   You see, David and Amanda share 1 year old twins; Hunter and Chole and they are the light of our lives.   They are such incredible parents and really could not wait to be married.  Sadly, they had to postpone their wedding from May due to covid like many couple did this year. While it was still a concern, it was so hard making the decisions for them, my parents, my grandparents if it would be safe to host this event.  Like, many have struggled with this year.  It was on a smaller scale, but it happened and aside from the wedding it was such an incredible weekend full of family time, midnight pool swims and jet ski rides.   It filled our hearts with so much happiness.


Enjoy some pretties from the day!


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