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Downtown Denver Colorado Engagement Photographer

Sydney & Tommy Denver Engagement

From the moment I met Sydney & Tommy I knew I had to work with them.  Not only did their love pour into each other but they are most sweet and kind couple- and that just shows how these two are.   They center their world around education, faith & family and I just feel so blessed to be able to walk them though this very exciting season of their life.  Not like I needed a reason to love them anymore, but reading their love story and their favorite things to do as a couple it made me do just that..

From Sydney…

“Even though we met at a bar… our ideal date night would be making breakfast for dinner and turning it into a fancy pajama event with music and a movie. If we do go out, you would catch us devouring the bread, soups, and any kind of carbs at the Cheesecake Factory. Although it sounds weird, we get really excited to go to Costco and get turkey pesto sandwiches. We always joke that we could live in a box together and be happy– some of our best memories and funniest stories have come from just hanging out together. At least 1/2 weekend nights we are hanging out and playing games with one of our families. When we get free time, we enjoy to read or watch movies!”

You see.. that’s what being in love  & planning a wedding is all about.  Not the fancy engagement session, the fancy wedding.  It’s that you get to spend the rest of your life going to Costco and making breakfast for dinner.  It’s a marriage.  As a seasoned Veteran in the department I can say marriage is a lot of these things!

I’m just so excited for their fall wedding in 2020!

Lots of Love,

Xo Crystal

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