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It’s no surprise that I welcomened Tucker into Anna and Anthony’s engagement session with open arms.  If you are wondering if you can bring your dog- don’t even question the idea and be prepared for me to hug him or her (multiple times).  The four of us had an absolute blast exploring Mt. Falcon together, from the perfect weather to the stunning views it was the perfect spot to capture their love.  Mt. Falcon is a little spot with killer views tucked away in Morrison, Colorado which isn’t too far from town.  One of the few places you can access within an hour of Denver rather than driving several hours into those breathtaking Rocky Mountains of ours (which is amazing too).



What’s an engagement session without ending it with a celebratory champagne pop.  I’m not sure if it was the added elevation or what, but we got quite the show (and shower- but I’m not complaining)  The perfect way to celebrate their love.  No better place than on a mountain top, right?

Congrats to Anna & Anthony once again, I am just SO excited to capture your wedding at the brand new Colorado white barn venue; The Woodlands next June!

Lots of love,

Xo Crystal

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