Navy Catholic Summer Colorado Wedding

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JUNE 21ST, 2019



This wedding was one of the most heart felt, emotional weddings I have had thus far in my career.  With that being said, both the ceremony and reception were both in Spanish- and I speak only english!  I could literally feel the love in the room.  I could feel how committed they are to each other, I could feel their families happiness.  That is what is so amazing about the language of love, you can literally feel it.  Nothing has to be said.


The main thing that connected them together is their faith- who both are very passionate about their catholic religion it was crucial to find someone that shared the same faith and values.  They met through a catholic dating website miles and miles away.  Spending facetime dinner dates together time and time again- SO cute, right?! After a few months of constant phone calls, it was finally time to meet,

“I couldn’t believe that someone would travel 1,128 miles just to see me”  -Analleli


About a year into their long distance relationship (Analleli in Colorado, Hector in Washington) with trips to see eachother, Hector was in Colorado again to see the love of his life but he had a little something else planned to make this visit extra special.   During a hiking trip, Analleli’s moment finally happened…

“At that time, he knelt down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. This moment was truly unexpected, I couldn’t believe that my moment was “here”. I remember thinking to myself “Oh my God, my man is here, my single life is about to end!” The first words that came out from my mouth were (crying) “Did you talked to my mom!” I guess I asked him this question because I didn’t want to say yes without my mom’s presence or not knowing her approval. He responded with, “Yes babe, I did talk to your mom and she said yes, but can you please give me an answer!” After knowing he had gotten my mother’s blessing I was able to say yes to him” -Analleli

Analleli’s faith and her family were so incredibly important to her, that she waited for the man that had the qualities she wanted and had to ensure her family approved before she even said yes.  I truly admire the qualities of Analleli & Hector have.


It wasn’t long that Hector and Analleli could join their life together!  A few days after the wedding she was able to join him in Washington to live happily ever after!

Lots of love,

Xo Crystal


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